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iPhone live streaming
iphone streaming
iPhone Streaming, iPad Streaming, live
iPhone Streaming
Universal live streaming plan.
Stream to iPhone/iPad, Android,
PC/Mac Flash players
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Flash Media Live Encoder
Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

Download the free FMLE broadcast software to stream to iphone

Telestream Wirecast live broadcast software
Telestream Wirecast

Download the free demo of this professional broadcasting software

QuickTime Streaming Server
Awstats real time bandwidth stats

View your streaming bandwidth usage up–to–the–minute with Awstats logfile analyzer reports.

hosting live media streaming
Web Hosting
included in all streaming plans
Live iPhone streaming, iPad streaming,
Streaming video web hosting,
live broadcasting, MP3 audio

Stream audio/video files and live content to iPhones, iPads, Android, and other mobile devices, as well as desktop Macs and PCs. Our streaming servers are hosted on fast Apple servers in a secure data center.

Streaming Applications
   - pre-recorded events
   - live event broadcasts
   - internet radio
   - pre-recorded audio or video playlists
iPhone streaming, universal live

iPhone streaming, iPad streaming, live   Universal Live Streaming Plan
A simple way to send your streams anywhere.
Stream live audio/video to any device, including:
- iPhone
- iPad
- Android
- any mobile devices supporting Flash
- Mac/PC/Linux desktop Flash players

Stream your live event using the free FMLE (Flash Media Live Encoder), Wirecast, or other Flash-compatible streaming software. Then playback thru any Flash-compatible device AND thru any IOS device (iPad, iPhone).

iPhone Universal Live Streaming Plan
in gigabytes
Max streams

Max hours

Price per month

Add Video-on-demand
Live streaming + video on demand. For an additional $50/month add VOD universal streaming and, in addition to live streaming, make your pre-recorded media files available on any device.

Phone Universal Live Streaming +
Video on Demand Plan
in gigabytes
Max streams

Max hours

Price per month

* for more bandwidth, streams, or hours,
contact us for a custom plan quote


Advantages of Streaming media over
web hosted media

Streaming has several advantages over web hosted files:
  • Random access: any part of the file can be accessed at any time. Hosted media requires downloading the entire file before it can be randomly accessed.
  • Quicker start: streaming files start playing almost immediately. Hosted files require some time to download before they start playing.
  • Better performance: streaming servers are optimized to deliver audio/video efficiently, especially when many viewers connect at once
  • Security: web hosted media gets downloaded to the viewer. With streaming the file is not downloaded, providing a better measure of security than hosted media.
  • Live broadcasts: streaming is required for live broadcasts
streaming video web hosting
streaming video web hosting